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Vehicles used in the drag racing motorsport are called drag cars. Drag car racing gained popularity in the U.S. after the Second World War. The race is usually done along a drag strip where cars race side by side along a straight line. From a standing start, the drag cars accelerate towards the finish line and the first to reach the finish goal the fastest would be the winner.

Cars used in this type of motorsport are specifically built for drag racing purposes. Hence, drag cars use specialized materials that are resistant to pressure, temperature and abrasion. Most drag cars are made of carbon fiber while others are built with steel used in the aeronautic industry. Since drag racing requirements are similar to that of aerodynamics, their engines also provide explosive power required by the nature of this activity.

While any car can be used in a drag race competition, modifying one to make it competitive for drag racing can be quite expensive. A better option would be to obtain one specifically designed and manufactured for racing purposes. This website is designed to provide you with the different drag car suppliers all over Australia.

If you are looking to purchase a drag car, simply click on the name of the supplier listed on this site and check out various drag cars available for sale. If you need additional information, please submit an enquiry by filling out the form below.

If you are selling drag cars, you can get them listed on this site.  You may contact us to find out how by clicking Advertise.

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